I fought the good fight of faith

“To win in life one must reach the finishing line, but it couldn’t be that simple as you thought”. In today’s world many people are trying to reach the finishing line but took the wrong steps. People follow hundreds of different paths in order to find meanings to their lives. People are more lost than ever in the 21st Century. Mankind has created a meaningless culture in its paintings, music, sports and sculpture….much modern art is based on unrecognizable images, abstract forms and deafening sounds.
The men and women of today don’t find meaning in their lives. They can’t fill the hole that exists in their hearts and no amount of art, music, science literature, or other form of communication can fill it. Despite all the advances and new opportunities that we have these days, the percentage of violence, depression, frustration, addictions, rape, killing and even suicide, rises from day to day.
Men and women of today find themselves in a situation in which no-one listens to them, no-one loves them, no-one comforts them…no-one understands them. Humanity is embarked upon a desperate search for intellectual meanings, love beauty, understanding and freedom; and that search will never come to an end because God is the only one who can fill that emptiness-and most people do not want to look to HIM for the solution of the problem.
 Charles Olmen, from Haiti, participated in the 10, 000 meter race in the 1976 Montrael Olympics. He was not just the last to finish the race but arrived 1 hour and 14 minutes late after the pen-ultimate runner. Everyone had just about gone home while he was still running.
In the race he was leading but suddenly he got nerve sprained and he fell down. Though he tried to continue but he couldn’t. The other runners ran past him. Now he had no hope of winning the race, but he was determined to finish the race and his challenge was, “I am here to finish the race, and I must complete it.” With that decision he continues to walk, limping slow and steady till the stadium.
But back at the stadium the race was over and the medals were already awarded to the champions. When people were about to leave the stadium, he walked limping inside the stadium. It surprised some people; he went straight and crossed the Finishing Line. There was only one media person to show he finished the race. He asked him, why he didn’t give-up the race. He responded, “Why should I give up, I am not here to easily give up the race, but to finish the race.”
My country didn’t send me to give-up the race but to finished the race, and bring glory and laurel to my country. In the same manner God made us and sent us here to do well, and live an undefeated life till the end. One should always learn to persevere and be consistence so that one can accomplish and achieve the goals of their life. But why is young people today give-up so easily without much trying through Christ, in Christ and with Christ. God didn’t make us to live a defeated life but rather fight back and try to live undefeated life in order to be victorious.
There is no single case in history of someone who finds they have been deceived by trusting in God. When we place Him as our finishing line, we find love, beauty, freedom, so that our existence makes sense on earth.
Where are you going? What efforts are you making to complete the finishing line? Have you ever stopped to think maybe you’re searching in the wrong direction? What about your religion to your believe? There will be so many surprises after death! There will be nothing more terrible than hearing these words from God himself; ‘I never knew you’!
Many people make a mistake to what they believe. You cannot be a Christian for being born and brought-up in Christian family. The same goes to other religions too. When you think about God what does your heart says, and how do you really know he is God? We believe in God because God hears you and you hear God. Do you know him or did he know you? God must be divinely felt and experience in your spiritual life. What does your instinct says to your believing heart in gods?
We cannot be fool by a mere gods or idols made by hands. We shouldn’t make mistakes of worshiping the god choose by our own primitive people, they worshipped god out of compulsion (in olden days).
“I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. For God so loved the world that whosoever believes in me should not parish but have Everlasting Life” BIBLE.

Dr. Thamsing Lamkang
Pastor, Lamkang Fellowship with
Sports Resource Center, Dimapur