IDF again strikes terror targets in Lebanon

IANS Photo

Tel Aviv, November 4 (IANS) The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday said that it again struck terror targets in Lebanon amid the ongoing border skirmishes as the war in Gaza continues to rage.

In a statement, the military said that it destroyed Hezbollah targets in Lebanon from where rockets were fired at the IDF.

The IDF said that it has also eliminated a terrorist who tried to cross into Israel near Shilomi in Israel.

The development comes just hours after Hezbollah Leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that confrontations with Israel on Lebanon's southern border will extend beyond current clashes.

In his first televised speech since the Israel-Hamas conflict and Israel-Hezbollah confrontation erupted early last month, Nasrallah on Friday told his audience that "the war escalation and evolution on the Lebanese front hinge on two fundamental factors -- the unfolding events in Gaza and the conduct of Israel towards Lebanon".

"All options are open on our southern front. We can resort to these options at any time."

Nasrallah said the threat of American airstrikes has never swayed the resistance's determination or position, warning the US that "we have prepared the proper responses to any actions you may take with your war fleets".

Nasrallah said Hezbollah's confrontations with Israel "have effectively diverted a significant portion of the Israeli forces originally intended for the attack on Gaza," saying "approximately one-third of the Israeli troops were successfully attracted to the border with Lebanon".

He even mocked the Israel army and said that even after one month since hostages were kidnapped, the IDF could not release them.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in the strongest terms, retorted and has asked the Lebanon-based militant group to keep off from Israel or pay a heavy price.

Escalation on the Lebanese-Israeli border began when the Iran-based Hezbollah fired multiple rockets on October 8 toward Israeli military sites in support of the Hamas's surprise attack on the Jewish nation on October 7.

In response, the Israeli forces fired heavy artillery on southeastern Lebanon on the same day.

The intermittent skirmishes have resulted in 66 deaths in Lebanon, including 50 members of Hezbollah, as well as nine Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants.

The casualties also included seven civilians.