In Nagaland, what measure do you think is required to address election malpractices? Why?

Reform electoral system: 
•    Follow Mizoram model, no canvassing, no house to house campaign, community should control and lead in clean election system
•    Every system needs reform to meet the requirements of the status quo. This can be linking all the voters to be linked with their Aadhar card. One person one vote. And stringent penalty for those who violate it.
•    It's high time to bring a change in the existing system. Women should also be given an opportunity to show their capability. History has proved that we had some great women leaders in politics who have brought drastic changes in our country.
•    Reforms needed. Link epic card with aadhaar. This is one of the best way to solve malpractices

Clean Election Movement: 
•    Love, Peace, blessing, healthy, and happy.

Strictly implement law/regulations: 
•    In my opinion strictly implement law is required because without this there will never be a clean election
•    Strictly implement law and regulations. If laws and regulations are implemented properly, voter turnout will be 30-40% maximum.
•    Strict implementation of law/regulation. When it follow the laws/regulations given by the constitutions, nothing will go wrong for this upcoming elections but there is nothing implement given by the constitutions. Naga politics is just play money as a role of elections in many minds!
•    Strictly implement law and regulations. Law says one man one vote. This simple law is not followed. People vote 30-35 times in single elections. Many things are namesake only

•    Economic reformation. Industries should be set up in Nagaland.
•    When there is strict implementation of law, the free supply of bribe will be stopped, bogus voters will be checked. And I am no money, no forceful capturing of booth, no bogus voters ten only the ones who truly knows the worth n power of vote and the people that wants to see a change (not the Rio's so called 'change' will come out to vote.)