In Nagaland, what policy measure is required to improve road infrastructures? Why?

Improve land acquisition
•    Most of the delay in implementation of road projects is due the land owners claiming compensation after the work has started. Government should make agreement with land owners on stamp paper and register the land acquired so that there is no dispute once the work commences.

•    The prosperity of a nation relies on robust road connectivity as it facilitates the movement of skilled labor, availability of raw materials, attracting investments, and access to markets.

In tribal areas such as Nagaland, where a unique land ownership system based on community/clan property rights is practiced, acquiring land for public use becomes challenging. This poses a significant obstacle to the development of road infrastructure in Nagaland.

To address this issue and enable land for public use, the following policy changes could be implemented as part of a comprehensive master plan:

1.    Identify and designate all roads connecting District HQs and Subdivisions as assets of national/state importance due to their economic and internal security significance.

2.    Determine the required land areas and negotiate a lease agreement with the village authorities for a minimum duration of 100 years.

3.    Formulate a plan to establish a four-lane road connectivity to all district headquarters within a specific timeline, a two-lane connectivity to all subdivisions and at least an all-weather road connectivity to all major villages.

4.    Establish a separate and autonomous authority, led by an experienced technocrat, responsible for land acquisition, construction, and maintenance of roads. Conduct annual financial audits by independent auditors and ensure public accountability through regular public audits.

By implementing these measures, we can overcome the challenges related to land acquisition and ensure the development of a well-connected road infrastructure network in Nagaland.

•    Land Acquisition policy is a must in the state. We can already see that National Highways are facing a huge issue on this matter. The failure to acquire land has been the most significant reason for lack of development of the NHs. The NH-2 from Kohima to Mao is facing the same issue. The contractor is unable to execute the expansion works because land has not been given to the same. once land acquisition is sorted out works can easily begin. Until land is given to the contractors, works cannot begin. Therefore, the govt. must frame policies and also make land acquisition easy.

Increase fund allocation 

 Good Governance 
•    Without good governance, noting worthwhile will be achieved.

•    All we need is a good leadership. Period.

•    Good Governance: It is currently non-existent in Nagaland, as seen from the recent Rock-slide fiasco, and what later followed was simply opening those tragic highways by tampering with notice of the Travel at your Own Risk slogan. Which government is sacrificing its citizens to the man-made disaster, by pawing its citizens, are the common man's life simply disposable? By now I am certain, that our concerned Government authorities and agencies, long back illegally by-passed check marks such as EIA and SIA to slice those virgin mountains and simply blast our untouched mountains and thousands of trees, by blasting dynamites and mines, see what our reckless bravado has done! Instead of finishing off nature, it could be preserved in a different way, but look at us back to our modern savagery! Nagaland needs good accountable governance, which is the need of the hour, it will save us and we have to start laying the foundations for a better tomorrow, not a disastrous one. I have the following suggestions as measures:

1.    Recruit global/national experts to survey and study, before any project execution on the impact socially, environmentally, and locally. Budget paribo, itu kitia kurishe?

2.    Any damage to the environment is compensated and repair is done, within a period stretch of 10 years. Doing so will help replenish some, of what we have lost.

3.    Awareness campaigns, on what the communities will gain and lose in terms of point No.1.Kuribi.

4.    Apply likable time-tested, technology in similar areas. Ex- Some Highways of Nepal were built using Japanese technology, which is considered quality for a mountainous region and considering the geography. Jaikina Hikibi.

5.    The builder and company are to be held accountable for any man-made disaster within some specified period. We all know in developed countries they know immediately if the disaster was a technical fault, latency in man-operation, or simple carelessness! Kushi-kushi bomb marilae, mountain vibrate nohoi naki?

6.    Black list Individuals, companies, and technologies that have a history of corruption, in terms of work.(We know some 4-Lane projects were still done by a company that was black-listed)

7.    Each Minister should give transparent and accountable reports for the management of their department funds. Especially, Itu Karney Prathana kuribo lagibo!

If the above is done at all, Nagaland will initiate the step towards being the Singapore of the Northeast; otherwise, we can keep munching our adulterated samosas, liquor, pig, and fish!