In pursuit of artistic excellence

Artsy Naga announces opening of school 

Morung Express News
Dimapur | April 4

Creative arts in the Nagaland education system have been accorded a supplementary status for a long time. With little to no proper institution for issuing the required qualification/certification in Fine Arts in Nagaland, fine arts in schools are mostly taught by individuals who are part of the teaching staff of the school. Whereas in the case of ‘major subjects’ like Math and Science, individual teachers are employed or assigned.

Artists in Nagaland have continuously demanded proper art education/schooling and employing professional artists in schools and colleges.

While concrete initiatives from the government in this direction is yet to be seen, individual attempts are being made to impart and enlarge the importance of art and culture in the State.

In line with the long-drawn demand of ‘Right Teacher for the right job’, Tunavi Achumi, Founder and Director of Artsy Naga, a Dimapur-based art curating foundation, on Sunday informed that the Artsy Naga School of Fine Arts (ANSoFA) has been established in Dimapur.

Speaking to The Morung Express, Achumi said that Nagaland has immense skilled and talented artists, but with the lack of resources to boost such artistry, it has often discouraged potential individuals from coming to the limelight.

Hence, to bring such artistry to the forefront, ANSoFA has been started, he shared.

Located near Chekiye Gate, 3rd Mile in Dimapur the school offers five certification courses starting from LKG to a senior learner. The learners need no specific qualification requirements, and there is no age restriction for taking up the courses, he informed.

Students will get first-hand experience of the commercial artworks and exhibitions will also be conducted occasionally wherein, they will get the opportunity to partake and display their creativity.

Along with activities that will provide exposure, the students will also receive guidance on how to present their work of art professionally, Achumi stated.

It will also provide opportunities of employment and livelihood to the experienced and full-time artists while upholding the culture of artistic creativity with well-equipped modern tools and information in the field, he added.

While the school offers a platform for pursuing fine arts professionally, it will also provide space for recreation for individuals who want to express their artistic creativity in their leisure, Achumi informed.

With enrollment eligibility from LKG onwards, ANSoFA promises imparting  a wide range of subjects like painting, sketching and shading, craft, calligraphy and theory.

Achumi further informed that the classes are arranged in a way that it is suitable for both the teacher and the learner. Accordingly, the school has scheduled classes from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, consisting of two classes a week.

The ANSoFA will be kick starting classes by mid April, and at present, admissions are ongoing.

Interested candidates have been informed to contact the school at 9366403827/9366985748 or on their Instagram account @artsy_naga, or through e-mail for further queries.