In recent years who has been the best Chief Minister of Nagaland?

Those who said “Rio” had this to say:

•    He represents a new generation politician. He is young and has done development which no other Naga CM has so far done. 

•    Because we are seeing real work and his three years is more than 10 years of congress. Rio, please carry on.

•    He works with vision for the Naga people. His Year of Farmers, and Youth was excellent. And let’s hope that in the coming years, his govt. will do more for the upliftment of the less privileged people in our society, in terms of jobs, education and living standards.

•    Because his political policies focus largely towards taking the state to the level where not only he but the whole people living in it to have a sort of positive mentality  for their own state when it stands along with other advanced states of the country.

•    Because Rio has a genuine support to the Naga cause and is a person who loves his nation while SC Jamir is one figure who somehow opposed Nagas’ true cause. He is not as good and famous as Rio.

•    In 5 years he has done more development works than SC Jamir has done in 22 years.

•    In terms of development, home affairs, peace process and special attention to backward tribe.

•    He is a true Naga, not Indian. He is a man of vision. He is a man of peace. He is a dynamic leader. He has so much concern for the youth. He believes the Nagas and hopes for freedom one day. He is never in a hurry to fulfill; his vision, but steady, sincere and committed. Any positive thinker would agree with me. He is setting a good example for the young generation.

•    He is a man of word with action. Unlike the former CM, he is straightforward and has no dubious dealings. He is a leader who feels with the people. A man who has clear vision of free Nagaland(lim) which had been messed up by double standard of the former CM.

•    SC Jamir’s corrupt. I don’t think he cares about the welfare of the Nagas. N Rio might also be corrupt, I can’t say he’s not, but I feel he has done a better job as compared to his predecessor.

•    It is there for all to see

•    N.Rio knows the suffering of grass root level. Moreover he knew the unity of Naga in general.

•    His focus on the Youth in Particular, made him popular

•    For having the guts to walk out of SC Jamir. Even though Rio is equally corrupted, at least I give him the points for walking out of Jamir

Those who said “SC Jamir” had this to say:

•    To compare Neiphiu Rio with SC Jamir is like comparing a student with his teacher (Guruji).

Those who said “Others” had this to say:

•    It cannot be either Rio or Jamir, its like asking to choose between two black pots. Which one can one choose. One is more corrupt than the other. So Sad

•    None that I can think of. Nagaland would have been better off only if we had better ministers. The current ministers are only concerned about stuffing their own pockets.

•    NO one has been. Looking forward still…

•    Vamuzo

•    How can Rio or SC Jamir be the best CMs. Its others.

•    There is no way to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. History will judge who is more corrupt – Jamir or Rio
•    Both are of same league – shrewd. But they show character whatever dynamic leaders of respective contemporary. Unique personalities. Real heroes of Naga people?  Uh, what do you say. Or tough poll.. or too early for …

•    Past Chief Ministers like JB Jasokie, Vizol and Hokishe had done fairly well. Today it is a choice between a Jackal and a Fox. Today’s politicians are not public leaders but ringleaders.