In response to Press Secretary NPF Central Office

It will be appropriate to take this opportunity and clarify on the statement made by the Press Secretary NPF Central Office dated June 1 wherein referring to a news item ‘Rio Ministry in trouble’, which the honorable NPF Press Secretary described as ‘cheap news designed to mislead the people with ulterior motive.’ At the outset, let it be clarified to the Press Secretary that The Morung Express does not have to be told where the Chief Minister is. We were well aware that the CM was away on official tour and in fact in the very news item that the honorable NPF member is attempting to deride, we had mentioned in the first paragraph itself that the CM was away attending a meeting of the National Development Council in New Delhi.

On the CM returning from New Delhi and rushing to Kohima, can the NPF Press Secretary enlighten us as to what is so cheap and misleading about this piece of information? Our only intention was to let the people of the State know that their CM has reached the State Capital.

It is also to remind everyone that nowhere in the news report is it mentioned that the CM and Speaker rushed “to Nagaland in view of Ministry’s crisis.” It was simply stated that “at the time of filing this news report, Rio rushed to the State Capital.” Isn’t that what happened? At least the honorable CM was in his right senses to try and reach Kohima as early as possible. I hope that the concerned Press Secretary will not misinterpret words or sentences that have been quoted. As for the other allegations that the news was “rubbish and exaggerated cooked up news,” we would like to leave that to the wisdom of our esteemed readers and hopefully they will be in a better position to see fact from fiction. 

The Morung Express