DC Phek directs essential commodity shops

PHEK, MARCH 26 (MExN): The Deputy Commissioner of Phek has ordered all shops/outlets dealing with the food grains, vegetables, food items and other essential commodities except pharmacies and petrol pumps to keep their shops open from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Pharmacies and petrol pumps may continue to remain open as normal. The public has also been asked to do their shopping at the time period mentioned above. Only one person per family will be allowed to come out for purchase of essential commodities. It was further directed that queues with minimum distance of one meter should be maintained during purchase of essential commodities and steps to be taken to avoid close contact. 

Meanwhile, all construction works, both government and private, will be closed down. In case of funerals, congregation of not more than 20 persons will be permitted at a time. Vehicular movement of non essential nature is prohibited and no private vehicular movement will be allowed except for purchase of essential commodities and medical emergencies. 

The DC’s order further stated that all administrative officers (Executive Magistrates) shall be responsible for the implementations of the restriction/guideline issued by the state government. They include: ADC Chozuba, ADC Meluri, ADC Pfutsero, SDO (C) Chizami, and SDO (C) Phek Sadar. 

Any person(s) found violating the advisory shall be punishable under relevant section of the Indian Penal Code 1860 and Essential Commodities Act 1955.