Konyak Union declares ‘indefinite emergency’ within Mon district

Konyak Union declares ‘indefinite emergency’ within Mon district
Konyak Union declares ‘indefinite emergency’ within Mon district

A central view of Mon Town. (File Photo: mon.nic.in)

Mon, March 25 (MExN): Taking serious note of the vulnerability of its region, both geographically and medically, in view of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Konyak Union (KU) declared 'indefinite emergency' within Mon district on March 25.

Temporary sealing of International Border: Temporary sealing of International border should not be a misconception note and political, but, it should rather be considered as a 'preventive act' that will shield our Konyak brothers of Myanmar from the COVID-19 pandemic, the KU said. It also said that its present stance is purely temporary and should not be taken otherwise.

In addition to the border sealing, the KU has also imposed several restrictions.

Aoleang 2020: Reiterating its order to call off any printed scheduled programmes or social gatherings during Aoleang Monyu festival, the Konyak Union also appealed to its citizens to remain indoors and be safe. It directed village councils to cautiously implement the order in their respective villages.

Indefinite restriction on movement: In accordance with the nationwide curfew, the KU also declared indefinite movement restriction. In this regard, all routes entering into the district will be actively manned. However, movement of essential commodities, medical emergencies will be duly exempted, the KU notified.

Market rates and artificial inflation: The KU also directed Mon District Chamber of Commerce to strictly monitor sale and availability of essential commodities, and to avoid any artificial inflation on any essential commodities during such crucial period. Any shop found violating the directive will face stern action even to the extent of cancellation of trade license, the KU warned.

Demands and extortion: The KU directed all Naga political leaders and individuals to go back to their respective villages or be confined inside their home/camps. Any form of disturbances/extortion within Konyak soil is strictly prohibited, the union cautioned.

Adopt remedial measures: While appreciating the efforts of the District administration, law enforcing authority and doctors under the establishment of CMO, the KU also issued appeals for preventive and remedial measures. The Union urged the concerned district medical department to strive on finding remedial measures on account of any eventualities.

The Union opined that the concerned department in charge should work on setting up quarantine center at Mon, Naginimora, Tizit, Aboi, Wakching and Tobu and isolation wards in the outskirts of Mon town. Screening at entry point should be mandatory and 24x7, the KU insisted.

It also appealed to the district law enforcing authority to constantly regulate, monitor and restrict unaccounted entry and loitering in defiance of KU’s order.

Concerned over the lack of medical facilities and equipment in the district, the Union appealed to the State Government to grant additional/sufficient fund so as to curb the outbreak of corona virus. The Union fully endorses the Minister in charge of Mon district, Paiwang Konyak to initiate the matter officially, the KU statement said.

Appeal to churches: All Churches under Mon district have also been requested to comply with and to uphold every preventive measure that is being recommended. The Union requested all the Churches to uphold special prayer especially for those doctors, nurses and staff, the district administration, the law enforcing authorities and all civil society leaders that are in the frontline of the battle.

In its quest to fight against COVID-19 pandemic, the KU issued a clarion call to its entire citizens to be obedient. Further, the Union called upon well wishers and donors to come forward and contribute. Asserting that every citizen of Mon should be responsible in the fight against the pandemic, the KU also warned that it will not tolerate any one defying its stance.