‘Misappropriated fund under LM&CP Department refunded’

‘Misappropriated fund under LM&CP Department refunded’
‘Misappropriated fund under LM&CP Department refunded’

RTI activists informed that an amount of Rs 29,72,789 was 'recovered and reimbursed to the department' by an official of the department


DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 9 (MExN): Nearly two months after the RTI Initiative Nagaland revealed misappropriation of funds under the Legal Meteorology and Consumer Protection Department, the initiative today informed that the misappropriated funds have been “refunded.”

A press release from RTI activists Odi Jamir and ST Yapang Lkr informed that Rs 29,72,789 was “recovered and reimbursed to the department.” They added that the amount was reimbursed by an official of the department.

"The person who takes responsibility and reimbursed all the money on behalf of Senior Officers and Staffs, may God bless you and your children and grandchildren to work honestly and tirelessly for the welfare of the people without tainted in our new Nagaland." 

It may be noted that the RTI activists had on August 14 listed out several instances of fund misappropriation in the department. 

The activists informed that on March 7, 2011, Rs. 10 lakh was sanction for setting up of Consumer Clubs in 100 schools. The department, however, disbursed Rs. 10,000 each to 35 schools only. They said that the remaining amount of Rs. 6,50,000 will be disbursed to the remaining 65 schools before the end of 2019, adding that the department would  provide a copy of beneficiaries list to the RTI Initiative Nagaland office.

Further, the activists said that on June 6, 2012, the department had purchased 5 Thermometer Verification Kits as per record, but could produce details of only 2 such kits. With regard to this, they informed that the department has order the remaining 3 kits at the cost of Rs. 9,62,789 and will arrive shortly. 

It was also reported that the department had selected one Ashlin Enterprises, Pune for the construction of 2 calibration towers at the cost of Rs. 26,92,300. However after completion of 1 tower, the department released the full amount of Rs. 26,92,300 which is meant for construction of two towers. Regarding this, the activists informed that “they have returned the amount for the construction of the second tower amounting to Rs. 14 lakhs. However, it is not feasible to construct a calibration tower with the said amount.” 

Meanwhile, regarding the purchase of Coin Operated Person Weighing Machine purchased at the cost of Rs. 20 lakhs, the RTI activists informed that the department had produced the beneficiaries list.