New kid on the runway: Theja Soru scores gig at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

New kid on the runway: Theja Soru scores gig at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour
New kid on the runway: Theja Soru scores gig at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

Theja Soru walks the ramp at the 15th edition of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2019-20 in New Delhi. (Photo Courtesy: IANS)

Kanili Kiho

Meet fresh faced Theja Soru, the first male Naga Model to score a gig at the recently concluded Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2020.


In a chat with The Morung Express, the 19-year old said it has been well over a year since he joined the modeling industry.

However, for the young lad, who hails from Zhadima village in Kohima district, the fashion industry is not foreign to him. He has done shoots for brands like Myntra, done gigs for brands like Koovs, United Colours of Benetton and several designers. Soru has also done video ads for Pullman Hotel, Aerocity.

Theja Soru


So who was the force behind Soru’s career?

Soru credits Nise Meruno for encouraging him to pursue a career in modeling. 

While female Naga models like Leno Kense and Kenny Awomi are prominent names in the industry, “Nise, who is like an older brother to me, really wanted to let the world know that Nagaland can produce models and ‘Supermodels’,” said Soru.

With very few male Naga models capturing the runway, “that also motivated me to make it big in this industry as well,” Soru quipped.

Other than Meruno, Soru’s parents and brother have been super supportive “on my take in this profession that I couldn’t have wished for anything more.”

Soru’s first big break was at the UCBFW (United Colours of Benetton Fashion Week) held in January this year.



“We don’t have the right resources or the right contacts in the industry,” said the young lad, “but the brutal truth comes down right to the very requirements of this industry, be it height or your facial structure.”

“However, the industry is evolving and will not stop evolving ever. I believe that in coming days, I will be seeing more Naga models on the ramp or in front of the camera. It is now an industry where your ethnicity or your origin does not matter anymore. It is YOU. It’s you who matters, your confidence and your vision.”

Soru expressed happiness on being the first to walk the runway at the iconic show, confessing it is one of his dreams to make the term “Naga model” popular.

“It is only the start,” nonetheless, Soru is keeping hopes high that “I can motivate at least one more Naga to be up there in the spotlight.”

At the 15th edition of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in Delhi, Soru walked for renowned designers Abu Jani–Sandeep Khosla on February 15.

On the ramp accompanying Soru were two more Naga models Kenny Awomi and Tia Jamir.

Apart from his fresh modeling career, Soru is pursuing his bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. 

He also runs a Restaurant in Safdarjung, New Delhi called ‘Sakura Arigato.’ Soru also works as a Club Promoter in Delhi’s 5 star clubs. 


Theja Soru


“My hobbies are never stable,” laughed Soru, while adding he loves to keep on “experimenting on what more I can do to improve myself. So, even if I tell you I love to dance, in 2 months I’ll say I love videography.”

Looking into his future 

“In 5 years’ time I intend to thank myself for the person I have become.”


Soru’s take on Modeling 

“For one it’s not about your looks but I believe it’s my physical structure and my hair, combined with the countless hours of practice I put in for the walk that I have,” said Soru.

“Having a good walk and of course meeting the requirements are the only two basic things required for Modeling.”

We wish you the best, Soru!

Theja Soru