NH 29 landslide taking toll on Khm

NH 29 landslide taking toll on Khm
NH 29 landslide taking toll on Khm

Representative Image: Manipur bound trucks are seen stranded on the National Highway 29 after a landslide. (Morung File Photo)


Morung Express News
Kohima | October 9

The landslide at the National Highway (NH) 29 at KMC dumping site has affected vehicular movement, following heavy rainfall the past few days. Movement of heavy vehicles has completely come to a halt while light vehicles are being diverted towards an alternative route.


The transportation of essential commodities has also been hindered, affecting local businesses in Kohima.


While emergency commodities are transported through light vehicles, a shopkeeper in Kohima informed that the prices of other commodities such as eggs soar when the heavy vehicular movement is stopped.


"We are diverting all the light vehicles to the Jotsoma Bypass. As of now there is no alternative road, so the heavy vehicles will have to wait for the works to be completed," said the Dy. SP (Traffic) Kohima, informing that the heavy vehicles are being halted at the Peducha Check Gate and Khuzama Check Gate. Sources informed that construction works are likely to be completed by Saturday.