NPF medical cell asks people to follow all guidelines

NPF medical cell asks people to follow all guidelines
NPF medical cell asks people to follow all guidelines

DIMAPUR, MARCH 25 (MExN): The Naga People Front (NPF) central medical cell today expressed concern at the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and appealed to all citizens to take precautions. 

A press release from Dr ChumbenMurry, MLA, I/C, NPF medical cell urged upon all citizens of the State to heed to direction given by the government and the laid down valuable precautionary dos and don’ts. 

It informed that the NPF party workers and the support system in particular are directed to exhibit exemplary obedience. “It is a difficult time for all of us and let us not aggravate things by disobeying orders,” it added.

The NPF medical cell cautioned that “once Covid-19 trickles into our state, it will have unprecedented impact given our poor economy and inadequate medical infrastructure.”

“Kerala state which take the brunt of the pandemic, for example has 1,00,000 isolation beds and 5000 ventilators ready. This comes to one isolation bed for every 334 people and one ventilator for every 6960 people. Even with this the Health Minister of Kerala is gravely concerned by the possible inadequacies of the facilities. Nagaland does not have even comparable facilities,” it pointed out. 

Thesituations, the NPF said, calls for a conscious and informed will to fight for prevention of the pandemic coming to Nagaland. 

It therefore asked all citizens to be well informed with correct information given out by the Department of Health and family welfare and not become unduly panicked by social media posts. 

The call for shutdown has become a dire need but shutdown alone cannot protect us, the NPF stated. It called for religious following of all elaborated safety precautions.