NSCN (R) extends Aoleang greetings

DIMAPUR, MARCH 31 (MExN): The NSCN (R) today extended Aoleang greetings to the Konyak community.


The Aoleng Festival is celebrated with 'pompous gusto and ebullient blending' to welcome the arrival of spring with prayers for a good upcoming Harvest, which also includes dancing, feasting and sacrifices that are meant to appease the divine spirits to bless the land and its people.


The NSCN (R) acknowledged that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessitated lockdown, mass celebrations will not be held. It however called upon the people to develop “emotional attachments through prayers, thanksgivings and exchanging wishes and greetings.”


“Through this festival, may good tidings prevail amongst Naga Family and let us all remain hopeful for better days to come,” it added.


The NSCN (R) called upon all people to “stay positive and take care until the threat of the pandemic is completely contained with the collective and joint efforts of everyone concerned.”