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Stronger together

Y Merina Chishi


Let us be blatantly honest - Naga people no longer live with the spirit of oneness. We are a fragmented society - each trying to outdo the other in every sphere of life. Be it politicians, national workers, Churches or tribal organizations, all chasing goals but mostly none that talks of oneness. We no longer view society as a whole but in pieces; all suited for our self-interests.


Nagas have allowed 'ism' to creep into every facet of our society. We pass derogatory remarks and names against each other's tribes, with some even trying to adopt the superior attitude. We talk of brotherhood but allow our leaders to manipulate and play clan politics. We respect those who have amassed wealth through wicked and corrupt means but would not care less about our orphans and widows. And there is segregation even in our churches.


As our society becomes less homogeneous, it becomes dangerous as this mindset and attitudes separate us more than keeping us together.


So, how can we stay together if we let our differences overtake us? Perhaps we fail to understand that even though we are different tribes speaking different dialects, we all have common aspirations. We have to build bonds based on these differences. Nothing and nobody must be allowed to destroy that. Only then can we move forward.


We are at a crossroad today. The choices and decisions of the young and old differ and sometimes conflict. But there is no one to bridge the gap for we have managed to silence and ostracize those who wish the best for us.


Tokenism has overtaken us and that is why many of those who represent us are obliged to speak for those who have no love for our people or land. It's a tragedy that our needs are being designed accordingly.


As people, our choices and priorities are bound to change with times. But these changes should make us stronger and wiser. We must grow without killing the spirit of oneness as it is an important tool for survival. Valuing what we share in common while overcoming our differences is what will make us stronger.


And so, as the bible says in Psalms 133:1- 'How good and pleasant it is in when God's people live in peace and unity'. Perhaps it is by stirring our spiritual consciousness and by experiencing love, peace and unity can we strengthen ourselves as a people.


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