India will hunt down its enemies within and outside its borders: Rajnath in Rajasthan

IANS Photo

New Delhi, April 7 (IANS) Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, in no uncertain terms, stated the country’s position on those engaging in terror activities on Sunday.

He said that the ‘new Bharat’ will not take terror incidents lying down and will hunt down its enemies within and outside the country’s frontier.

Rajnath Singh said that India has become a world superpower today. He said that during earlier regimes, many states including Jammu and Kashmir grappled with terrorism insurgency but that is no longer the case in ‘New India’.

“We will kill the nation’s enemies on this side of the border, and if required, we will go and kill them on the other side of the border. This is the strength of new India,” Rajnath said in a roaring voice.

The Defence Minister said this while addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu on Sunday. He participated in a public rally and sought public support for Shubhkaran Chaudhary, the BJP nominee from Pilani.

The Union Minister also targeted Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge over his remarks on Article 370 and also questioned the Congress party over its questioning of the Indian Army’s valour.

“He (Kharge) questioned how Article 370 would affect Rajasthan. We had said the day we get a full majority in both houses of Parliament, no one will be able to stop us from abolishing Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. We did it and today Jammu and Kashmir has the same status as any other state in the country. Congress President asks how Article 370 will affect Rajasthan, how will these people run the country?” Rajnath thundered at the poll rally.

“They (Congress) ask whether Surgical and Balakot strikes were done by the Army. I want to ask them whether they doubt the bravery and valour of the army. Congress leaders are still doubtful over India’s potential while the entire world is accepting this,” said Rajnath in a stinging jibe at the grand old party.

He further said: “Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to say that friends can be changed but not the neighbours. So we want to maintain good relations with the neighbouring countries. But one should not take advantage of it.”