indihut Music Awards 2015

indihut Music Awards 2015

The first ever indihut Music Awards is scheduled to be held as part of the New Year Countdown Bash at Upstairs Cafe, Opposite Mahindra Showroom, Walford, Dimapur on 31st December. The Upstairs New Year Countdown will witness the best artists in the music industry along with the glitterati of the city to celebrate the new year’s eve with live performances from Dj Ina and AkummikA along with the pop sensation Virie and other Dj’s. The event will start from 8:30 pm with the Awards at 9:30 pm, followed by the one of the biggest EDM countdown bash of the year.


The indihut music award winners are:



1. Best Artist of the Year – Alobo Naga


In 2015, Alobo Naga is one of the few artists in India to have toured and performed 148 shows all over the country and abroad. Alobo has become a pivotal force and a ambassador for the new Naga generation to the rest of the world. This music icon is also actively involved in charity by raising funds for orphanages and working with church ministries in other States and even in China to motivate and encourage young people from different communities.


Along with the three most powerful artists on indihut, Dj Ina, Tetseo Sisters and Alobo Naga together have notably turned the Naga Music Industry into reality by generating a combined annual revenue of more than Rs. 95 lakhs in 2015, only from tours and live shows.


(Calculated at average performance fees of Rs.40,000 with 238 live shows combined for only these three artists)



2. Best Collaboration of the Year – ‘Silver Lining Skies’ by Virie feat Polar Lights
3. Best Folk/Fusion Act – Tetseo Sisters
4. Best EDM Act – Dj Ina
5. Best Rock Act – Polar Lights
6. Best Pop Act – Shalo Kent
7. Best Instrumental Act – Tubescreeamer
8. Most Promising Artist – Jano Nyekha and Zuchobeni Tungoe
9. Best Music Video of the Year – Bubbleheads by Tuden
10. Best Hard Rock Act – Ambush(Karbi Anglong) and Akokla Imchen
11. Best Rap/HipHop Act – Rugks Ngouri
12. Best Electro-Rock Act – AkummikA
13. Best Music Event of the Year – Oztronic.