Infinity NXT Showcase: Tyah takes center stage

Kohima, January 30 (MExN): Tyah, formerly known as Tia Longkumer, captivated audiences at Listen Lounge with a showcase event organized by Infinity Inc. and powered by TaFMA, Nagaland on January 27.

The evening celebrated Tia's journey through the Infinity NXT programme.
Infinity NXT is an artist development programme, conceptualized and managed by Infinity Inc. and powered by Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA).

The aim of Infinity NXT is to provide all round development to young upcoming artistes of Nagaland to propel them to the next level.
Mentors hold workshops and one on one sessions along the course of the programme on different subjects such as music production, song writing, image, marketing and branding, performance and more.

Mentors for this year’s edition were Nise Meruno, Kekhrie Ringa, Kevi Pucho and Asano Peseyie.
The evening commenced with a video presentation chronicling Tyah’s journey at Infinity NXT.
CEO of Infinity Inc. Asalie Peseyie warmly welcomed guests with an opening address, setting the stage for an evening of musical brilliance.

He acknowledged TaFMA for their continued support.
Infinity NXT has been powered by TaFMA since its inception.
In a gesture of gratitude, mentors of the Infinity NXT program were presented with certificates of appreciation, acknowledging their invaluable guidance throughout the mentorship program.
Tyah was then honoured with a certificate commemorating his successful completion of the program, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Attendees were treated to live performances of Tyah’s original music and a special preview of his debut music video, "Dancing," (now available on YouTube on the artist’s channel tyah_music.)

The showcase event served as a fitting conclusion to Tyah’s journey through the Infinity NXT program, highlighting his growth as an artist and the culmination of his hard work and dedication.