Information officers pencil Dimapur officers on RTI

DIMAPUR, JAN 12 (DIPR): Chief Information Commissioner P Talitemjen along with State Information Commissioners Dr. Ponsing and Kuhoi Zhimomi held a meeting with heads of offices, Public Information Officers (PIOs) of all the departments under Dimapur district at the Deputy Commissioner’s Conference Hall on January 11.

The Chief Information Commissioner, while interacting with the officers, informed that the Act came into force on October 12, 2005 and the Act extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Act was passed by Nagaland Government on November 30, 2005 and has been implemented in the state. 

He explained the importance of RTI and the appointment of District Information Officers in every department and the importance of their functions and responsibility in disseminating right information to the public. Talitemjen said that if any PIO neglects his responsibility by failing to provide right information to any person seeking one, a penalty will be imposed on him even if that officer is being transferred or promoted.

Further, Talitemjen said that any member of the public seeking information from any government department needs to follow certain procedures. He assured that any citizen of India has the right to information from any government department even if the applicant is not from that particular state. Besides government departments, any Central agency in the state like the Railways, Indian Airlines, FCI, Telecommunications, Income Tax, NIDC, etc or other institutions like the town councils, municipal councils and private colleges which are fully or partially funded by the Government come under the purview of the Act and they should appoint their own PIOs. Any citizen of India can seek information from them.

Talitemjen further informed that a person seeking information can write an application on a plain paper addressed to concerned PIOs of the department and mention the kind of information that is desired. The concerned PIO is expected to provide the required information within thirty days to that person. If a person fails to get an answer from the PIOs, he can file an appeal to the Appellate Authority which will then question the concerned PIOs. If within 30-45 days the information is not given, the matter can be taken up to the Information Commissioner for hearing. He also stated that any person seeking information from any department may file application along with Rs.10 as fee to the PIO and if after 30 days he or she is not satisfied, can appeal to the Appellate Authority against the PIO for which no fee is charged, he stated. Later in the day the CIC held a separate meeting with media-persons and various NGOs of Dimapur.