Intanki National Park belongs to the Naga Nation: NSCN

The NSCN/GPRN once again draws the attention of all Naga general public irrespective of tribe or community to the issue of Intanki Forest Reserve and makes its stands crystal clear once and for all. That the already declared Intanki National Park belongs to the Naga Nation as a whole, nobody; tribe or community can never claim the ownership of it in any respect. Any element whether tribe, community, society, group or National Worker that encroaches the demarcated Reserve Forest will be treated as illegal “ENCROACHERS” which would not be tolerated but certainly attract stringent action in accordance with the standing Azha of the GPRN. 

In this regard, a Joint Council Meeting under the Chairmanship of Collective Leadership, GPRN, dated 6th July 2007, issued an order vide No. 36-03/PROH/MKA-2007, dated 10th July 2007, prohibiting tracking, hunting, fishing, cutting fire-wood, cultivation of oil seed or any related activities causing deforestation of Intanki National Park which was followed by pronouncement of a directive by the Collective Leadership dated 25th Sept.2007, prohibiting the same and declaring Intanki Reserve Forest as National property and treasure. 

The site has tremendous economical, geographical, historical and cultural importance and its protection is of utmost priority for Naga generations to come. All the new immigrants or encroachers would be evicted without any further warning with necessary punishment as deem fit by the GPRN. In this connection, the GPRN seeks the cooperation from all concerned to protect and preserve this site from destruction since it is the only treasure of the Nagas having great potentials to become a tourist hot-spot.

The action of the Naga Army on 16th June 2009, was just a noble and faithful job executed for future generations as per standing Azha of the Collective Leadership, GPRN, dated 25th Sept. 2007. No NSCN/GPRN leader has even an inch of land within the parameter of Intanki Reserve Forest as misgivingly alleged by some vested destructive elements at the cost of the Nation. The intentional encroachers should rather be punished for not abiding with the law of the Land.

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