Interreligious appeal to end violence in Manipur

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 15 (MExN): The Deiva Kripa Ashram, Alappuzha, Kerala, an interreligious collective of India, has appealed to all conflicting parties to immediately end all kinds of violence targeted on ethnic lines in Manipur. 

This call to immediately end violence as part of the fundamental duties of citizens of India and interreligious collective is made at the launch of a ‘Greater India Movement for Social, Economic and Moral Freedoms of India’ with a particular focus on Manipur conflict situation by an interreligious collective and officials of the National Council for Reconciliation and Peace. 

Ending violence is the first step to addressing growing humanitarian crisis and peace intervention by neutral third party for resolving the conflicts in mutually agreeable ways, a press release from the collective stated.

“We understand that all brothers and sisters in Manipur who are actively involved in the on-going violent conflict across the communities are doing so for a cause that you consider worthy of making extreme sacrifices of own precious lives on both sides. We also observe that continuous use of violence against one another is worsening the situation, causing painful memories and extreme suffering to thousands of sick and aged, women and children displaced in hundreds of refugee camps on both sides. Hundreds of children are traumatized needing psycho-social supports on both sides. If unhealed these painful experiences are likely to get transferred to have the next few generations to kill one another as enemies and not as good neighbours, brother-sisters and friends,” it stated. 

It acknowledged that not all people on both sides of the divide are involved in this violent conflict. “There are many peace-loving people on both sides who want to participate in peace-making processes to save the present and future generation from the scourge of violent conflicts,” the collective said. 

It asserted that “our children have fundamental right to peaceful environment to grow according to their full potentials with good relationships across communities.” The collective said that it is fundamental duty of all citizens of India to end tit for tat violence immediately and give a space for peace-makers from inside and outside the state to help you resolve the conflicts in mutually agreeable and respectful manners through dialogues.

This decision to make this appeal was arrived after serious deliberations on Manipur conflict situation and fundamental duties of citizens of India in a launch function and a national seminar on ‘National Unity Forum & Greater India Movement for Economic, Social and Moral Freedoms of India’ under the leadership of Swami Sachidananda John, founder Deiva Kripa Ashram, on September 10 at POC, Palavarittom, Kochi, Kerala. 

The seminar was organized in collaboration with the CBCI Commission for Dialogue and Ecumenism, National Council for Reconciliation and Peace, and Navasrushti International Trust-Kerala. LIPI-Kochi, AIPS-Kannur, DBNI-Lucknow, TSM-Kerala, DBF-Mulanthuruthy & Deiva Kripa Ashram-Alappuzha.