Iron Maiden original tribute band performing at Dimapur

For all the head bangers and soul-swayers around the country alike, ‘7 Sisters Entertainment’ with ‘Sky Group’ brings, for the first time in the fest’s short history, a premier international act from way across the border all set to bring the house down! The international concert night promises to be the biggest draw of the season this year.
Higher-on Maiden from UK, the official Iron Maiden tribute band and endorsed by Iron Maiden themselves would be headlining at Ukhrul on the 13th Dec, Imphal on 15th Dec and finally at Dimapur on the 17th Dec.
HIGHER-ON-MAIDEN (formerly Hi-on Maiden) was born in September 1995 by three friends – Adrian Swift, Quicko McBrain and Hayfield. After Hayfield left the band, Adrian and Quicko roped in their mate Simon Bradley, to play the other guitar part and started advertising for a bass player. After auditioning a couple of bass players, SPEED HARRIS joined the band. The music was now sorted; all they needed was a singer which was filled by Elias Abboud, a Lebanese national.
In 1997, the band took a big leap by appearing on Live TV's show ‘The Sham Rock Quiz’ and on the same day after recording, Speed and Big met Bruce Dickinson (Vocalist-Iron Maiden) and Adrian Smith (Guitarist -Iron Maiden) for the first time. Bruce and Adrian listened to their demo tape and couldn't believe just how much the band sounded like Iron Maiden. Bruce actually commented "You sound just like me!!" and "I always wondered what I sang on that bit!!"
By far the bands biggest break came when they were contacted by Iron Maiden, and asked if they would perform at the official convention in the year 2000. Of course, the band jumped at the chance! It was indeed an honour. On the 17th of June 2000, the band took the stage at the London Astoria and wowed over 850 thousand Maiden fans with a superb live show which included Nicko Mcbrain (Drummer –Iron Maiden) guesting on the drums!! Straight after the show, the Band were asked if they would go on tour with the Iron Maiden in 2001, playing shows all across Europe. They didn't need to be asked twice!
Over the years they have appeared in over 13 countries with the band having actually played on stage with Original Iron Maiden members and now in 2011 they bring heart pounding music to India & the North-east.
And here we have the original Iron Maiden Tribute band performing just in front of our eyes on the 17th Dec 2011 at DDSC Stadium. So, “Get set to scream, shout, jump and go crazy!”

Big Dickinson    -    Lead Vocals
Speedy Harris    -    Bass Guitar & Vocals
Dave Hurry    -    Lead Guitar & Vocals
Adrian Swift    -    Lead Guitar & Vocals
Quicko McBrain    -    Drummer