Irregular government employees warned

Phek | April 2 : The irregularity of government employees to their work, especially the departmental heads have compelled the Phek Town Chakhesang Students’ Union (PTCSU) to intervene. The union has warned the employees in concern to stop such practice with immediate effect.
Informing The Morung Express, the general secretary of PTCSU Kudukhoto Tetseo stated that employees practice irregularity as “if it was the fashion of the day”. Expressing strong resentment over the attitude of the government employees specially the departmental heads, the PTCSU on behalf of the public of the town in a meeting has unanimously decided to initiate its own course of action if the same trend continues further.
It was also reported that in several departments, the peons were made to carry the pay roll book to Kohima and Dimapur to get the signature of the authority heads, especially in the last part of the month. The system indeed has become a fashion of running the affairs of many departments, which is against the norms and criteria of the government service procedures and it is an offence and is punishable.
The PTCSU further warned that, failing to comply with the directives, the union shall take its course of action against the defaulters. The union in no way will be responsible in any untoward incidents that will be meted out against the irregular government servants rather the concerned departmental heads shall be solely responsible for the whole situation.