Is access to other healthcare services for common people taking a back seat in Nagaland due to COVID-19? Give Reasons?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Shortage of doctors and nurses....we need extra man power to run both COVID hospital and general hospital besides health workers are overworked looking after quarantine centres and contact tracing. Its a herculean task unless government recruits more doctors and nurses.

•    For other healthcare problems are not being looked after properly and normally.

•    1. Since it's a medical emergency, during this pandemic medical department should be making policies and the administration and police should be supporting it not the other way round. 2. The pandemic has shown that most of the Naga civil servants and public leaders don't have a heart to work for the Nagas as a whole but only for their interested group or selfish interest.

•    Even if we have slight head ache etc. Doctors and all assume we have corona. Even if we don’t have it we eventually get it. So people including some I know are sick but scared to go to the hospital.

•    Yes because people are afraid to visit hospitals. Basic facilities like transportation are also a huge problem. My mom for example suffered with tooth ache from March till July and only recently we took her to dentist. Moreover our Nagaland hospitals are still unhygienic and not on par when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and basic hygiene.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

•    Killing poor people by hunger and starvation is the motto of our rich politics and government thank you  also prepare for Judgement day Jesus Christ  is coming soon 

•    Is there even access to basic healthcare services in Nagaland, to me the answer is No! The concern department and the Government, has absolutely lacked in establishing basic health care services accessible to all. One can't blame COVID-19, for our current position of hopelessly trying to patch the wounds of the Pandemic that has come to us! Our state government machinery had enough time and funds to well prepare for the pandemic, but instead we decided to go for s sunny-day picnic (March-Mid May)!And come May 25th,the picnic was swept away with the recording of the first COVID Cases! Absolute, no sense of timely responsibility show (Government and its agencies) ,resulting in a bad to worse situation! Can we be better after this, better health care accessibility, professional medical care for all, better working coordination the Social and community groups. Hope we, you and I all learn from our mistakes here, and say' No More', otherwise we all go down the drain together!