Is it justified to parade sexual offenders naked?

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say:

• By parading the accused (and victim), the concerned Unions like the ASU, etc are simply parading their own barbarism, depravity, and a mentality that takes us back to the dark ages. Somebody please tell these organizations that there is something called LAW and CIVILISATION!!

• We should let the people appointed by God deal with these people.

• Because it violates an individual human rights.

• Why parade them naked when you should actually castrate them?

• Being a civilized society, let law of the land take its own course of action.

• No, it is not at all justified to parade sexual offenders naked, nor is it justified to take into your own hands. It is a tragedy that Nagas keep talking about the law of the land; but what exactly is the law of the land. If law of the land means parading offenders naked, that it is time to move on, because any law must be a respectful law. It’s time for Nagas to start creating laws that address the issue.

• No, in this civilized world there is no place for such naked justice where the said student union had become the judge, jury and executioner all by itself.

• No, it would be justified if only they punished the previous rapist as the same, or to do the same in future, no matter what locality. For once, check out our many beautiful girls studying outside or even late night in our hometown. We earned disrespect and advantages for other people to try sexual attempts.

• No, such barbaric behavior cannot be justified under any circumstances. As a human being a criminal has certain rights including the right to get a fair trial and nobody as the authority to outrage the modesty of a human being whether the said individual is a man or woman.

• No, it’s barbaric and takes us back to the Dark Ages

• No, who are we to judge others when we all know who the real Judge is and that the offender will one day pay for it?

• No matter how perfect an individual/group/organization may feel/claim to be, as humans it’s not justified to parade sexual offenders naked.

• No, it is never justified under any circumstance

• Not only should they be paraded naked, but they must be given dead sentence too.

• Not it is not justified to parade sexual offenders naked. The law does not demand that.

• No, how do we expect our children to live in such environment

• No, the accused took the law into his own hands and therefore was wrong. We must let a court decide his punishment otherwise by doing so like him we become equally barbaric and even evil.

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say:

• They deserve to be given such a shameful form of punishment for their shameless acts.

• Got to teach them a lesson, you know?? I’ve seen a mobile tape in which they (Arabian Countries) cut the penis of the rapist in public gathering!!

• Yes, it is a major deterrence whether local or non-local. Here deterrence should not be confused with concepts like Kangaroo courts. The latter is associated with mob rule, whereas former is about cohesive defense. Till 5 years back, a non-Naga trying to molest a Naga girl was unthinkable. Where has all our men gone.

• Yes, but only when the rapist misdeeds are proven and verified

• Yes, it is justified. They should be humiliated and stripped off their dignity.

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say:

• It is justified in the case of raping minor girls and innocent women. But such act is considered barbaric in the case of just attempted rape and if the woman has to take some responsibility for the rape.

• Why only paraded naked? HANG THEM!