Is Naga society open towards building a harmonious relationship between the Christian faith and Cultural practices? Give Reasons

•    It was, 20 years back, but now all distorted and duplicated mixed up, very dangerously complicated.
•    There has been always conflicts and cultural ethos were considered as sin .Hence religion has destroyed our culture due to non acceptance instead of refining n tuning for mutual benefit between the two

•    Naga practices are becoming extinct
•    Religion is of Spiritual. Culture is a way of Life. Cf Hindu and Hinduthva of the RSS.
•    No, Naga Christians are still very judgemental and are unable to accommodate and appreciate the Naga cultural practices. 
•    No, because, the conversion happens without letting the stakeholders know about the Christian faith. So it will keep clashing with the cultural practices. They both have different ideologies.
•    Lack of understanding and mutual balance between religious and cultural custom leaders

•    At this Juncture, it's a No. Despite, Nagas being religious in the context of Christianity, our conduct as individuals and in our society is a reality check on our understanding, of what Christianity is and what it can be. Major churches seem to have leadership issues, within the institute of the Church. Can we look at the Naga cultural tradition, "feast of Merit", in the context, of whether the Church looks after the well-being of its community? Today, we see very few people living Christian values, our Christian fundamentalism is ever louder than our Christian faith! Given the above reasons, our society has to evolve both in the living of Christian faith and making space for our Naga cultural traditions, some of which were very noble and progressive, involving the whole community. Can we start by looking to understand some values of our ancestors, which practiced thinking for the larger communal good, rather than the individual? The focus needs to be on its people at home, not a mission to reach out to the stranger when your own are dying at home.