Is Nagaland Government's development work reaching all sections of the people? Give Reasons


•    No, as long as those who are indulging in corrupt practices without any recourse to law, there will be random misuse of development resources for personal gains. It is high time that corrupt leaders are made accountable to the court of law.

•    Corruption

•    Come on, let us be honest. Why do you think candidates (both winners and losers) spend so much money in elections to win. Most of them think that once they win, they are entitled to the public funds. They think that just because they have won by buying votes they are entitled to do whatever they want with the public funds. This mentality is the reason why we will not progress.

•    No. Unfortunately not at all. Only the family members, relatives and the chamchas of the rich and powerful are able to enjoy the benefits of development. Not even a fraction of the resources that are meant for development actually reach the people.

•    Due to corrupted MLAs and leaders.

•    Development funds meant only for a few privileged with political connections.

•    There are lots that can't be said publicly.

•    A big NO there may be bureaucratic hurdles and corruption that prevent development projects from being implemented effectively.

•    No…because depreciation of the development funds start from the top and some development works happen only on paper.



•    The Nagaland Government and its machinery does not actually have the know how on how to develop the state. There is no doubt a lot of corruption in the system, but that is not the only reason why development work is not actually reaching all sections of the people. The fact is that our leaders are the state machinery are completely incompetent.

•    if there is woke-ness (then there will no development particularly equality and delusional agendas demanded by females folks. Women demanding 33% ULB reservation is a mockery to development too, because female folks who are already well established and secured don't even bother about women NAGA street vendors, because they are indirectly or directly running the economy. Also, female folks should be worried about the unemployed youths rather than ULB development. I was reading a editorial write up by female writer(famous) on this print media about, "THE THING ABOUT CULTURE" and i was not surprised at all when reflecting on the write up and i realized that female folks are same as men too in the context of toxicity(consumed by "SEVEN DEADLY SINS"),and that is what i want to point out . Instead of worrying about ULB worry about women street vendors, unemployed youth, etc. Most of the female writers HAVE THE AUDACITY TO write bad and vulgar things about naga men, MAYBE FEMINISM HAS A PART TO PLAY. Now a days male-boys and men know about the toxicity of feminism and if there is feminism there is wokeness, if there is wokeness then there is no realistic development.

•    If all the sections of the people in Nagaland constitute only those entitled salaried people then we can vouch for the Government of Nagaland and their developmental activities achieving its purpose. If all the sections of the people in Nagaland constitute every single constituent of the land, from new born to children to farmers to daily wage earners to civil servants to leaders, we still have too much to achieve and take up despite more than half a century of deciding on coming together and existing as one large community. From the entitled lots to the denied lots, the gap seems to be increasing even more and more with time, paving way for an unsustainable living culture only to invoke our ancestors and their qualities during gatherings and to be forgotten when in practice. Unity in Gatherings Only and Divided in Societal Developments. All those knowledge and intellect are nought when those with the responsibility to steer developmental activities in this Christian state of Nagaland keep choosing to develop the self first and provide leftover development to the larger community. Societal development paves the way forward for more and more opportunities with time and more inputs from the constituents from the society but individual developments only furthers developments of arrogant and self serving generations.