Is ‘One Accord, One Solution’ prerequisite for an ‘honourable and acceptable solution’ to the Naga political issue? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

•    One Accord One Solution is the only way. However this is not possible under many factions and self interest. If Nagas were one people and united then it would be possible and acceptable, we being many individual groups who make claims to speak for the rest. Will prevent it and cause much unrest.
•    'One Accord, One Solution' provides common platform, understanding and unity for all the Nagas to pave the way for an 'honourable and acceptable solution' to the Naga political issue and it is also necessary not to repeat the history of previous agreements such as 16 Point Agreement and Shillong Accord.
•    Because, it is the inherent right and aspiration of all the Naga people to have their own right to self-determination in their territorial homeland under one Naga national flag & constitution (Yezabo) being recognised. The output of the ongoing Indo-Naga political talk will be the yardstick either to determine a new beginning or the end of the long-drawn Naga nation building. Hence,' a Naga consensus' is imminent in finding a broad based single Agreement that will ensure an honorable and workable solution, once for all.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

•    ‘One Accord, One Solution’ is just a solution to present Nagaland situations and it’s not a prerequisite for an ‘honourable and acceptable solution’ to the Naga political issue. The real prerequisite for an ‘honourable and acceptable solution’ to the Naga political issue is complete "Sovereignty" which is in the deep of the heart of every Naga individual and it cannot be killed by human. Whatever solution comes based on ongoing talks, it will solve the situations but not the issue. And I'm sure, Nagas issue will not end here completely. It will go on till India left the Nagas to live by themselves.
•    There is no such thing as one accord and 3 factions are not included and at least one more yet to emerge after the Prodigal sons have demanded their inheritance. Rest assured it is not over by a very long chalk, which is sad thing that public will have to bear.

 Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: