Is peoples’ participation active in the Naga peace process?

Those who said ‘NO’ had to say

•    Now a day’s people are more concerned about their own living, and not about other. They know the individual, knowing that peace is there if there is patience and trust. But do the Naga people know and understand peace?

•    No, because there is no human rights due to imposed Acts and laws in the name of law and order and containing anti-national activities

•    No, only few sections of people are involved. The UG claimed they are the people’s government but they don’t listen to its people cry for reconciliation so people’s participation or mass movement for our well cherished goal seems unattainable. The earlier they reunite the stronger participation and the earlier solution for the Naga’s. Kuknalim

•    No, not at all. People don’t even know the aim and object of peace process. Leaders must first define the meaning of it and ask for mass participation, by putting our head together. Not going ahead for name and fame with vested interest. Educate the masses the value of our land.