Is ragging and bullying becoming a common concern in educational institutions in Nagaland? Give reasons

•    Along with the all the trends and fashion, even the bad influence is taking over. Ragging and bullying is been seen now even in lower classes as low as class 3-4, forget about the colleges. Strict action should be taken by school and colleges. And me as a parent thinks that parents play a big role, in how our children behaves in our absence. I don't appreciate parents that find it funny when their children do something not acceptable. Everything starts from home and yes I agree ragging and bullying is raising.

•    This is serious threat for Naga brotherhood. Showing hatred through bullying junior from the very tender teenage is against the peaceful existence of Nagas.

•    Small insults between friends are done but bullying or ragging, I've never encountered any. I'm in college right now but I’ve never been bullied or have I seen anyone get bullied my whole life. I had friends who were rowdy but they never bullied others, they kept to themself respected others and fought on head to head if something came up(typical boys).

•    I'm my opinion we do not see such kind of actions/act in schools here but, in some places there may be such kind of thing happening but no strict actions are being taken by the teachers and so on because this this is not common in our place but through social media n all we get to know about all the thing happening which is a bit surprising I should say. Personally I have never been in such situations since I was always surrounded by my friend who truly cared for me so I just want to say whoever is suffering alone, you can seek help from your true friends and even your teachers.

•    Install cameras in every nook and corner of the school

•    The concerned principal should take steps

•    It was always there. And when one doesn't experience it, no one bothers. The society doesn't talk about it.

•    Haha patkai in my days… attitude gundai ase de.

•    Stringent action should be taken against those found guilty irrespective of age.

•    Parents are to be blamed. And also teachers shouldn't overlook the issues of the students by only focusing on teaching.