Is the expansion of police force (IRB) the best way to tackle unemployment problems?

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say

• IN this new age world, we have come to realize that government jobs are not the only requirements to reduce unemployment. Rather the opening of markets to different firms in our land will help unemployment problems a lot. And here I am speaking for the educated unemployed. Anyways, I hope the government does something or we will forever be going to a drill in a ground with an extra half pant.

• No the expansion of the IRB is not the best way of tackling unemployment problems. It shows a complete lack of creativeness and only exposes the Government’s lack of initiative to create new opportunities. It only shows that the Govt is taking the fast short cut method and trying to take credit for it.

• No, police and security force employment are non-productive. They don’t produce anything of economic value other than being a drain the exchequer. In the long run they cause more unemployment. Many poor countries have large armies as it is the only employment and wages are very low which the poor country can afford.

• No, creating more police forces does not mean creating more jobs. It only means putting more people to do duties at minimum pay. It will not improve quality of life. If the government is really serious about employment, than it should create or provide opportunities for youths to get jobs which will positively affect their lives.

• No, not at all. In a small state like Nagaland there are already so many battalions of police. When the police force becomes too big, it becomes ineffective and very slow. For a more effective police force, it means less people but with better training. At the moment, one persons job is being done by a few of them because there is too many police already. 

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say

• Yes, but state government should assure facilities while posting outside Nagaland. Facilities provided in Chattisgarh were very discouraging.

• A single battalion employs 1000 of unemployed, what can be better then that.

• 1.It might not be the best but any avenues for job is avenues and they are always good.

2. A battalion can offer jobs to around 850 – 1000 persons at once, how many new jobs opportunities can the Govt. or any other agencies create? In that case it is far better. 

3. It is strange to note that we are discussing and debating such issue which in my opinion is really shocking. Is such deliberation necessary? While lots of people are crying for Job.

4. What is the rationale to discuss to raise another battalion of IRB while many young Nags are joining Army and other forces, which are more dangerous & demanding?

5. If the discussion is only because of the deployment of IRB in Chhattisgarh. It was a big blunder on the part of Nagaland govt. why IRB from Nagaland??? Which have only 2 bat where as Manipur have 6 and Mizoram 4 and Assam why Nagaland??? It’s a political maneuver but why gamble with people’s lives?

• Yes, the raising of IRB will definitely tackle the educated unemployment problem to some extent in Nagaland due to the government ban on creation of new post in the absence of any large companies to accommodate the increasing education in the state.