Is the Government ban on single-use plastic being implemented effectively in Nagaland? Give reasons?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 
•    Due to lack of civic sense among the public

•    It's not effective. Countless reasons... One being no officials to impose

•    No regulation, alternatives not promoted

•    No follow up on the parts of the issuing authority

•    No, because the orders are never implemented strictly and the law enforcers fail to check consistently. It will become effective only when the concerned authority takes the issue seriously and continuously educate the people regarding its negative impact that it can give for the future generations

•    Still new plastic are floated in every corner of our town

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 
•    Most of the plastic is generated by the FMGC sector, so the Government should bring in a policy to regulate them. To implement the ban more effectively the Government will have to first properly define SINGLE- USE plastic.

•    A related poll was raised not so long ago on the single use plastic topic and such, this poll's relativity to the current scenario is a welcome discussion. When awareness on varied aspects that affects the well being of a society are held, then, awareness generation on single use plastic has to continue in regular intervals as well as it has become an unavoidable aspect of our daily human life. The ban on single-use plastic that was relaxed either officially or unofficially over the pandemic period calls to our conscience on how we have paved way for these non-biodegradable products to further degrade our environment. Just as almost all legislations that are notified with full vigour and participation to be forgotten later, the policy on the single-use plastic has faced the same ending (forgotten to be remembered only later when waste pilings become unbearable in the near future). Until and unless the policy on single-use plastics emphasis on Packaging Plastics for manufacturing products, the effectiveness of the ban will be seen only in a parallel universe. Inculcating practices on segregating single use plastics from the generation point to the recycling point must be the way forward. The practice of segregation must also be accompanied by technologies that recycle such single-use plastics into reusable products with longer durability. Owing to the lack of such technology, the poll raised in this daily was written from a gadget that came with plastic wrappings which were either discarded indiscriminately or burnt depending on the awareness and the willingness of the people involved and the argument placed on this poll was written from a gadget that also came with plastic packaging and which was later used for starting fire in the kitchen owing to unwillingness of the individual to discard it in the garbage or drainage.