Is the Government doing all it can to address the electricity problem?

Those who said ‘NO’ had to say:

•    Electricity is one of the greatest problems we have been facing all over Nagaland.The Govt should take up some small hydro project to meet the needs of the people instead of depending on large hydro projects like Doyang. I am afraid to state that most of our leaders have a narrow vision. But more than anything else, we need to Kick out the NSCN from the soil of Nagaland coz this is the worst of the worst hindrance we the Nagaland people are facing today.

•    No, because of the corruption at the higher level; governments always use to blame consumer for non-payment of bill in time. Secondly, due to lack of transparency and accountability. On the other hand, lack of awareness and complacent attitude of the people, which lead to total failure in the entire governing system and management of services. This is all due to imposed indoctrination of system and long period oppression.

•    No the government isn’t doing anything or if doing so, then it’s too slow

•    No, instead of blaming the people for all the irregularities they should be asking the Central Government for other alternatives/assistance during dry season or even demand a thermal power plant

•    Every one is looking for their individual benifit only & not for the Nagas.