Is the government doing enough to provide good sporting infrastructure?

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say:

•    It is true that the Government has really lacked a lot in this field. Nevertheless, I believe that the present govt is doing something as we can see it. Still nothing can be done till there is a standard quality of infrastructure and availability of more sports coaches in multi disciplinary fields.

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say:

•    We hardly see any good and modern sports infrastructure in Nagaland and the youths are more likely to go for drinking local beers rather then to play sports because of the lack of sports infrastructure

•    It is lacking in almost every public related matter

•    If they have been doing enough we would now see the Nagaland team moving forward in quite a good pace in at least one of the sports field. What in my opinion the govt. can help is find out the talents and promote them. And that is what the govt. didn’t even start or never tried hard to.

•    No, nothing is being done by the government to provide good sporting infrastructure. In a state where sports is very popular, no significant achievement has been made. Look at our neighbors Manipur, they are in the same situation as us but they have won so many laurels and produced many sportsperson, which is all because they have the infrastructure which Nagas don’t have. So, no, nothing is being done by the government, nothing at all. They have only sent a bunch of politicians and Bureaucrats to Germany.

•    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Had the government done enough, Naga footballers would have been in the recent World Cup instead of the few shameless lucky bureaucrats!!

•    No, our government talk aloud about sports, knows its value but fail to provide infrastructure. Leader pocket is the ground court.

•    No, the government is busy sending its special delegation to Germany, while it is doing nothing about infrastructure. 

•    No, reasons are aplenty and no wonder why government does so little throughout India. Nagaland ranks among top no doubt. There is no question about lack of talent here. Given a chance tribal will make a mark internationally. Though laurels when brought, credit of success is equally shared … sad but true. But the younger generation’s future can’t be ignored at any cost but voice our right … without fear.

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say:

•    The full scale construction of the cricket stadium and the reconstruction of Dimapur Stadium, seems like to me yes, but still lacks behind in something.