Is the Government of Nagaland failing to monitor and take strict measures to hold construction companies accountable for incomplete road projects in the State? Give Reasons

•    Yes government is failing because irrespective of whether road is national highway e.g. NH 29 or Chakhesang area. Government is failing to monitor because road consist of tapholes, police project Pheasama landslide is also another ...insufficient and is a drawback of the road companies ... BRO gref are the best.
•    Knowing the standard and commitment of our officers, I bet you they will not even know that it is their responsibility to monitor and inspect the quality of work being done by the companies. It is very frustrating. Nagaland will not change unless our mindset changes.
•    Yes. The government seems least bothered. Either they have been paid off or very incompetent.
•    Yes, the Nagaland government has failed miserably to monitor and take strict measures to hold construction companies accountable for incomplete road projects. The concerned ministry and department should be regularly monitoring the progress. This was one of the effective steps that Ravi took as Governor. The callous approach of the Government is allowing companies to do things as they want without being accountable.
•    Yes. Companies are accountable and should adhere to the approved DPR and road project. But many a times we see them flaunting rules and doing things as they wish. Public in our state should be more vigilant in their approach and should demand that the Engineers and department officials undertake monitoring and inspections on the roads that are under construction.
•    There is no mechanism to ensure that the works are carried out as per the timeline. No surprise inspection for quality of work. No genuine interventions (quality research based formula: both local & expertise) to address the challenges that are hampering the work progress. It appears that someone is on a gaining side, by keeping the road construction 'ongoing'. The companies (workers) are from outside, but the department concerned must take genuine interest, depute responsible personnel to ensure that road construction works are completed by strictly following the specifications as per the project proposed/approved. A mechanism must be developed so that without proper quality inspection, completion certificate is not issued/signed by any officer involved.
•    Yes, it has no interest whatsoever. If the state government was monitoring and inspecting all the works, I think the roads would have been completed by now. This is sheer negligence.
•    No reconstruction of national highway since 2018-2019
•    The pace of construction is very slow. The cash economy is on boom giving ease to black money generation.

•    Too busy in others issue

•    It is the duty and responsibility of the Government to monitor and inspect that the work is being carried out dutifully. Respected Engineers should be deputed to fulfil their duty.