Is the income and wealth inequality in Naga society impacting good governance? Give Reasons

•    It is the bad and poor governance in our state that has led to vast wealth inequality. Historically the gap between rich and poor was not there among the Nagas.
•    Yes good governance is not possible at all when the gap between rich and poor are so vast. Today the policy makers are making laws that are in favour of only the rich and powerful. These people do not understand the suffering of the masses. They only do things that will benefit them.
•    Yes, income and wealth inequality is definitely impacting good governance in Nagaland. How can good governance be possible when the wealth inequality is defining what kind of leaders are elected to power.
•    There is an increasing gap between rich and poor over few years. It's all the more distrubing to see how the wealthy and Elite class enjoy undivided patronage from state and its bureaucracy. This direct disconnect of common Naga citizen from Government machinery only further exacerbate, thereby, depriving people of all their entitlement and privileges they deserve.
•    Rich gets richer and poor becomes poorer which leads to direct or indirect dominance of the lower section of people by the have's which again leads the have not's from difficult to miserable condition compelling them to either be downtrodden or choose every possible way for survival which may be good or bad line of work.

•    Only office workers know
•    Not paying salary to government servant