Is the lack of time management causing Nagas to be inefficient?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Lack of time management in many ways than one is infusing our laidback attitude. Nowadays who does not know about ‘NAGA TIMING.’

•    Lack of time management causes inefficiency.

•    But North East really needs a different time zone. We are losing too much day light. 

•    Everywhere you go, our inefficiency in time management is obvious. As a result, we are falling behind. You see that people office people work from 11 to 1:30... and then they spend the rest doing nothing, or drinking. 

•    Our sense of timing is so bad that it overshadows the good things that we are capable of doing. Nagas must seriously question why we cannot respect time. 

•    It is the older generation who are mostly to be blamed

•    Most Nagas are weak in budgeting time for specific works. We’re also weak in prioritizing our works.

•    The lack of time management is causing Nagas to be very inefficient in all government offices, the mental outlook seems to be since we are paid anyway why come to work on time? who is going to rebuke us? since the bosses themselves are always late. our politicians have fast escorts in cars pushing people off the road so that they can go fast and arrive late. It’s a Naga culture thing time mismanagement.

•    We are not in time but out of time

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    The main cause of Naga inefficiency are – lack of security at workplace, lack of relaxation and amusement facilities, lack of night life and lack of government initiative to prevent the many taxes forced on commercial sector, industries, govt departments, etc. by all those pseudo nationalist, self-style govt/NGOs. Nagas efficiency at workplace are deteriorating because we have the highest number of tax collectors paying the highest number taxes and still it is increasing!

•    Lack of time? Nagas have all the time in the world to work upon themselves and thereby bringing drastic changes to the present society we live in. In fact I’d rather say Nagas, with their numerous resources, and their easy access to money, without working hard for it , has made them very laid back in life. Its more to do with their laziness rather than time.

Those who said MAYBE had this to say:

•    The reason according to me would be not being able to appreciate and see the efficiency of others, instead of getting inspired we tend to go our own way, which is in a way leading us to nowhere.