Is there inflation of marks in private and autonomous universities?

Richard Naga

Sir, Very recently different universities have declared their undergraduate and postgraduate results. One noticeable difference was the huge difference in the marks given to the students by state and central universities on one hand and by the private and autonomous universities on the other. The toppers in state and central universities are given around 60-65% while toppers in private and autonomous universities are given around 85-98%! This difference is too much!

Therefore two things need to happen. Firstly, universities need to follow a marking pattern that is similar to other state and central universities in India. And secondly, recruiting authorities need to keep such disparities in mind and not put very high percentage as cutoffs to apply for jobs. For instance, if 60% is kept as minimum percentage to apply for jobs, majority of the applicants who meet the cutoffs will be only from private and autonomous universities.