Is tribalism destroying Naga society and preventing any form of constructive dialogue?

Those who voted ‘YES’ had to say

•    Most of the Nagas tribes have the own ethnocentrism in their respective tribe.

•    1.The so call “advance tribes” feel threatened when other tribes progress

2. The tribes that are less advanced are recognizing how they were “used” earlier.

3. Resistance mechanism against domination triggers tribalism and hatred that hinders progress.

4. There are prejudices, mistrust against one another among the Naga tribes.

5. The factional killings are almost taking the form of tribal feud…infusing deep hatred against one another.  

6. Nagas are a jealous race that always hates to see progress in someone. When one progress everybody wants a part to bring them down.  

7. Tribalism is a curse for Nagas as Caste system is for Hindu society.

•    Yes, Naga tribalism and Clanism is going to its lowest. It is destroying the future generations. All concerned people must rise up against this menace and do something about it.

•    Yes, Naga people have become so narrow minded. People are making up their own customs and tradition. So how can Nagas develop? You can’t even speak your mind freely because they start threatening you in the name of clan, village and tribe. If we allow petty tribalism and clanism to dictate over our lives like this, Nagas are doomed

•    Yes tribalism and favoritism is destroying our Nagas.

•    Yes tribalism destroys Naga society and is preventing any form of constructive dialogue.

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say

•    “Tribalism?” I would rather not waste useful time and energy and indulge in such UNPRODUCTIVE issues. To me tribalism is a misconstrued word for the distinction that has been among the Nagas since month of Sundays, which, in essence, puts together ‘a rich ethnic Naga society’.