Is Zunheboto under the purview of Ceasefire Agreement?

 Nagas have witnessed the spurt of violence as well as the helplessness experienced by the State Government and the Public Leaders of Zunheboto. On the whole, the recent factional clashes at Zunheboto is just a tip of an iceberg, as factional confrontations continues to reel the entire Zunheboto District at regular intervals, without any active help and support from the state Government or leading Naga and Sumi N.G.Os.

It surprises us that, many districts remain largely peaceful whereas Sumi Areas have become a hot spot for factional showdowns. It is high time for both the Over ground and Underground Leaders of Sumi Community to realize the far reaching post traumatic consequences in the lives of the affected people when analyzed at a closer look. Unless and until a corrective step is initiated through collective wisdom, Sumi’s future generation stands bleak.

Examining the ongoing factional incidences under Zunheboto District vis-a-vis Cease Fire Ground Rules, we see a shady motive of those people who are at the helm of the decision making. It is very unfortunate to have victimized the Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto, when he has little or no role with the ongoing Ceasefire at a larger level. As a Naga Citizen, we must all know that what ever is happening under Zunheboto District is the part of a larger level agreement that is taking place between New Delhi and N.S.C.Ns. There is a serious lapses in the Cease Fire Agreement, the fact that, it is not backed by effective enforcement mechanism, as more Nagas are killed after Post Cease Fire Agreement with Govt. of India. Whereas, to shift a blame to a particular D.C. for such aforesaid lapses would be very apathetic justification.

It is learnt that Deputy Commissioner risked his personal safety by intervening during factional standoffs, while we were appreciative of his concern for the lives and the properties of the public; it astonishes us to know that, the residents from certain locality at Zunheboto town gheroed D.C’s Official Bungalow, pelted stones, verbally abused him and even went up to the extend of demanding his life which is in the hands of Almighty God. Although we sympathize their physical and mental turmoil, not to mention the loss of properties and livestock worth lakhs of Rupees owing to factional conflict, we must also remember that the same situation is being faced by other denizens of our district.

In this connection, we the undersigned concerned Sumi citizens wish to appeal to all the affected members of Zunheboto that, it will be appropriate on our part to stand united and initiate remedial measures along with the District Administration, leading Nagas and Sumi NGOs, so as to ensure no such unpleasant occurrences takes place under Zunheboto District in near future.

Hevuto N. Chishi
N. Kakuto Chishi
Hosheto Ayz
Akuluto Area