Isla Fisher hopeful to reprise her role in 'Wedding Crashers' for sequel

Isla Fisher.( IANS

Los Angeles, January 25 (IANS) Actress Isla Fisher, who starred alongside Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams in the influential 2005 comedy 'Wedding Crashers 2', said that discussions have happened regarding a potential follow-up.

She added that she'd love to see Wilson John Beckwith and Vaughn Jeremy Grey back.

She told E! News: "There have been conversations where we were pretty close. Vince and Owen have such an incredible chemistry and you just feel it from the screen. It's palpable and it's its own hilarious beast, so I want to see them on camera again doing what they do best."

Meanwhile, she would be delighted to reprise her own role as obsessive girlfriend Gloria, particularly given the joy she had playing her in the first place. She added: "She's such a fun character. It's also so rare, as a woman, to be in a comedy where you get to make jokes and not just be the straight man," reports

She insisted she's been keeping tabs on her castmates from the original movie, and some of them are "still keen" to reunite for another movie.

She teased: "Fingers crossed we make another one. It'd be such a fun way to all get back together."

A decade ago, director David Dobkin admitted he and Wilson "did come up with a great take", but he insisted the original came out at a time when "people weren't doing a lot of sequels."

There have been more updates over the years, with Will Ferrell telling E! News that a follow-up was "being written."