Israeli travellers to India warned of possible terror attack

JERUSALEM, April 11 (PTI): Israel’s counter-terrorism bureau has warned Israelis travelling to India and some other countries of a possible terror attack which can target them and Jewish facilities during the ‘Passover’ festival holidays. “Due to what is happening in the Gaza Strip (where violence has escalated between Israelis and Palestinians), terrorists intend to carry out attacks against Israelis and against Jewish targets abroad” during holidays for the week-long Passover festival which begins on April 18, the bureau’s warning said.
India, Thailand, Greece and Turkey are said to be the potential targets for such an attack. The travel advisory recommends that Israelis be “highly sensitive” and aware at tourist sites, alter their daily routines and avoid unexpected invitations to meetings. They have been also advised against going to places where large groups of Israelis are known to assemble. A Jewish outreach centre, the Chabad House, was a target of 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai in 2008. Last week, the counter-terrorism bureau warned Israelis against traveling to Sinai and called on those who were in the Egyptian city to return to Israel immediately. The latest warning comes just a few days before the Jewish holiday of ‘Passover’ of festival of freedom, a time during which many Israelis go on vacation.