It is ‘Truly Bangkok’ in Nagaland!

Ketholeno Neihu
Dimapur | April 28

Isn’t it a cliché thing that fashion has no delay? In fact, there is no denying that the markets are flooded with varieties of fashionable apparels in quality and trend acculturated in the East Asian and South East Asian influences. Most probably, Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland leads the bandwagon with popular markets as Hongkong market or the Shangrila complex.  

‘Truly Bangkok’ as the name ascribes, houses variety of apparels ranging from shoes, bags, dresses, beauty and cosmetics products and accessories all marketed and handpicked directly from Bangkok, as the proprietor, Sentinaro Assumi puts, “From poly bags and hangers to beauty products and decors, it’s Truly Bangkok and truly and truly Bangkok”.

It is located in Tajen Ao Road, Duncan junction, Dimapur. Sentinaro Assumi, the proprietor of the shop describes herself as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a daughter-in-law. As a mother of four, she felt the need to keep her priorities straight for her family and children but a little push from her husband and family fueled her hidden passion into ignition. Her first journey with the ‘Truly Bangkok’ were the trip to Bangkok with her sister, running around the wilderness of the city picking and packing stocks in a span of a few days time and since then it is now every 30 to 45 days that she endeavors a trip back and forth in the tryst for ‘Truly Bangkok.’ Moreover Visa on arrival has been the ease for access to avoid travelling hassles. All the while travelling is her added hobby.  

For the very adventurous entrepreneur, the cards have played well, while her sheer passion and dedication in her two years journey is paying off, it is also her customers who has believed in the products. Her greatest joy as a proprietor, are the times when stocks run out because although products are not limited to a single piece limited-edition, the demands fail to meet the need. Usually product of one kind and colour are bought in small, medium and large stock, she informs.  

Transnational media contraflow in the form of entertainment of the east and Southeast Asian countries are some reason why the taste for fashion finds similarities in Nagaland. Moreover, a first copy is not to bother when it comes to fulfilling the fashion goes, it is observed.  

Needless to say, the whopping response of the customers especially during sale or such as the last anniversary when all fashion apparels were put up on sale at a discounted price of 500 rupees alike a flea market outside the store was overwhelming. The crowds, especially young girls in feat to grab their favourites waited outside earlier than other usual days.  

“Another line for the Kids’ Truly Bangkok has been opened recently and the stocks are almost over again,” says Sentinaro in her very cheerful nature. On occasion, when people are ready to walk away without bargaining, she herself urges the customers for a bargain beat. “Bargaining makes shopping interesting,” she added.

The shop is popular on instagram @Truly Bangkok, with a public page of more than 6000 followers. Being updated in its digital medium, it also sells orders online. Interestingly, the popularity of the store is not confined to Nagaland alone; orders are also shipped to other Northeastern states too. While it has not only collected good reviews, daily customers or shoppers have been secured in the two years journey, it records.  

The next line of collection is the Moms’ section which is also opening during the anniversary. As any other exciting news, the “Truly Bangkok’s store is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this May 3. All stock will be put on sale at discounted rates of 500 rupees from the May 1-3 outside the store. If you love fashion and clothing at the same time, come grab yours for the “Dress for less” as their tagline puts.  

My two years journey after Truly Bangkok has been wonderful. I believe women can be a good housewife, a better mother, an in-law and everything if we learn to explore our passion and love what we do,” the entrepreneur added in a very promising note.