John Schlitt and Divine Connection live in concert

All the music lovers and especially the fan of John Schlitt in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Assam are informed that the reason for which John Schlitt and the band were unable to come and perform as scheduled in November 2011 was due to the delay of vise clearance from the Indian Embassy.
The organizer, Metro Team in a press note said that with the coming of New Year, not only hope but assurance arises that John Schlitt is confirmed to perform live in our city. He will be accompanied by Michael from the United States and the Divine Connection from Nagaland. This concert will truly be one of its kinds in east meets west for the very first time in our very own city.
Divine Connection being one of the top bands in India have come into picture is because the other band members of John Schlitt from the United States are no longer available this time due to their other commitments which they are accountable to.
Therefore, this time John Schlitt will perform live in concert with the Divine Connection in Shillong on December 28, Guwahati on December 29, Dimapur on December 31 and Kohima on February 2.
Further, the organizers have informed that the tickets for Dimapur are reduced to half the price.