Jotsoma GHSS shows the way for govt schools

A view of the government higher secondary school, Jotsoma. (Morung Photo)

A view of the government higher secondary school, Jotsoma. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | May 31 

Keeping up with its tradition, Government Higher Secondary School, Jotsoma successfully secured a100 percent pass percentage in both HSLC and HSSLC 2020 including a topper in the HSSLC Arts Stream.

For Azinu Savi, Principal of the school, the achievement is a collective effort of the school, the students and parents, and community participation at Jotsoma especially the School Management and Development Committee (SMDC).

The Principal highlights that constant monitoring of students' learning, Class tests, Teacher-parents interaction, besides the sincerity of the teachers are a few crucial strategies in ensuring improvement of students' performance.

Besides a shortage of teachers especially in Commerce stream, the Higher Secondary section continues to function in a rundown girls hostel repaired by the people of Jotsoma. The Higher Secondary functions with four teachers in Commerce stream and seven teachers in Arts.

Despite the inconvenience, the school which was upgraded in 2014 achieved a 100 % pass percentage from the first year itself. This year, the school not only achieved a 100% pass percentage but the entire batch of Commerce students secured first division.

"Class tests have been one thing that has helped the students. Class tests are conducted every time a chapter or topic is completed. We try to check the performance of the students," says Savi noting that a report of each student's performance is submitted where students who perform poorly are encouraged to conduct the tests again. 

Following up on the classroom learning situation, according to Savi, has been another essential area where teachers at GHSS Jotsoma are constantly monitoring the students and their learning.

Interaction with parents and teachers is another important factor.

"We often have interaction with the parents. We try to understand the background of the students and update the parents on their children's performance and behaviour in class. We also request the parents to monitor their children at home," says Savi implying that these factors help in moulding the students.

Besides these factors, the Principal acknowledges the collective effort and teamwork of the teachers and students as well as the community.

"We have a good team of teachers here in both Arts and Commerce stream. We have sincere and hardworking teachers who are very dedicated to their work.  They often try to motivate the students, and encourage them. They give their best in their work. Most importantly our students are very hardworking and obedient," states Savi.

19 years old Abuina, who secured the Top tenth rank in Arts stream with 87.40% says, "To find a seat on the top list is not easy. It was also not impossible though. You need consistency in every little thing that you do."

What makes GHSS Jotsoma stand out, according to Abuina, is that her school is the place where education is based on sincerity and dedication.

"I thank the endless and tireless effort of every single teacher and the principal for leading the way and also the school the village and all the people who stood and supported us," acknowledges Abuina.