Juvenile Cultural Show held at St. Xavier School

Dimapur, April 3 (MExN): A Juvenile Cultural display was held at St. Xavier School, Shamator on March 29, 2011. A press note issued by Chimjiba, informed that the programme brought to stage over 130 juvenile students, setting the track for the annual co-curricular activities. The children magnificently danced to traditions tones with Yimchunger steps. “They were children in age and adults in quality,” remarked the parents who witnessed the show. The day brought forth the hidden potential. “If educational standards were built on such in-built capacity of the children, their growth would go far beyond into further surprises,” said an observer. The art and talent displayed on the day captured the audience with wonder for its beauty and formation. Dominic Lotha, gracing the occasion as guest, congratulated the multifaceted schedule of the school curriculum beyond books and exams.