K3M’s empowering ‘Children of a Lesser God’

Meribeni T Kikon
Wokha | May 15

K3M, a dynamic mash metal band from Nagaland, has been captivating audience far and wide with their unique fusion of melodic ballads with thunderous heavy metal and Goth rock.

Ever since the release of their official debut music video ‘Children of a Lesser God’ on November 26, 2022, the band has been on fire, winning numerous music titles in district and state-level competitions. Deconstruct

The band’s contribution to music was further cemented when they were honored with the prestigious Governor’s Award on the 77th Independence Day in 2023 at Raj Bhavan, Kohima, by Nagaland Governor, La Ganesan. Adding yet another feather to their cap, the band was recently awarded the ‘Best Metal Single Awards 2024’ at the Rocka Rolla Music Awards 2024 for their iconic song, “Children of a Lesser God.”

How it all began

Formed in 2008, K3M comprise of four members- Thungbemo (Thung R Murry) on vocals, keys and bass; Vungshamo Murry (Moonshine) on guitar; Tsenjon Odyuo (Sheet N O) on guitar; and Janbemo Mozhui on drums. Their musical journey can be traced back to 1996 when the band members first came together as a rock band performing cover songs under the name "Sound craft, before evolving into the powerhouse ensemble they are today.  

The band has shared stage with esteemed international artists such as Jennifer Batten (formerly Michael Jackson’s guitarist) and renowned guitarist Chandresh Kudwa (from Mumbai, India). Additionally, they also performed  the opening act for international artists like Petra’s John Schlitt from Illinois, USA, and ‘Smokie,’ a popular English band from Bradford, Yorkshire.

Furthermore, the band entered into a stakeholders’ partnership agreement with the Indian Social Responsibility Network – ISRN on April 14, 2022, in the presence of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Wokha, and the JSI India Team to spread awareness in community mobilization, particularly among youngsters towards Covid vaccination and is also connected with Task Force for Music and Arts (TAFMA).

About ‘Children of a Lesser God’

The award-winning rock metal, "Children of a Lesser God" is uplifting with its empowering lyrics sheds light on the challenges faced by children with special needs, drawing inspiration from the band's vocalist/ bassist Thungbemo (Thung R Murry’s) late brother who was born with a medical condition, making him a child with special needs.’

Thungbemo shared how he wrote the song by drawing from his personal experience with his late sibling, serving as a poignant reflection on the plight of children with special needs. 

“Every child is unique, and those with special needs deserve utmost care, support, and understanding. Discrimination, deprivation, physical abandonment, and social marginalization have a catastrophic effect on differently-able children and therefore it is imperative for all to work and create an inclusive environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential,” he advocated.

On winning awards

“Being recognized for our musical talent with these awards feels gratifying and validating as artists. We believe these awards will serve as powerful motivation to continue in our pursuit of passion and creativity. While there is no guaranteed formula for predicting success, we are grateful to God that our song has received rave reviews,” the band members expressed, adding, “They will surely boosting our confidence, inspiring us to push boundaries creatively, aiming for even greater heights in our future music endeavors.” 

“Winning this award fills us with deep honor and joy. We are immensely grateful to God, our supportive families, our esteemed management team, Infinite Records Nagaland and Tbos Entertainment Nagaland, our dedicated fans, friends, and well-wishers for helping us achieve yet another milestone.”

A behind the scene 

The band members also shared an interesting anecdote during the creation of the iconic song. “When our front man proudly unveiled the title of our single ‘Children of a lesser God,’ our music producer could not resist to quip. He predicted that some people might interpret the song title negatively, branding us as an underworld (Satanic) influenced band, without understanding the true meaning behind the song or its lyrics. Sure enough, upon release of the song, some folks mistook our lyrical depth for a descent into the underworld. Nonetheless, we all shared a good laugh about the misconceptions.”

What’s next?

The band members revealed they are diving back into the studio to keep the momentum going. Another music video release is on the horizon. “We are also exploring new sounds and fine-tuning our skills to give our fans the best experience possible. It is all about using this milestone as a springboard to keep moving forward for even greater success.”