Kareena Kapoor Khan's nutritionist spills the secrets!

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New Delhi, Aug 1 (IANSlife) Sick of fat playing hide-and-seek with your body? Enter the messiahs of the food world - Indian Superfoods! From ghee to coconut, these exotic wonders promise miracles. Well, what truly makes them super? They are the tried and tested legends of the food world, rich in nutrients, bursting with flavor, locally grown, versatile, and eco-friendly – they have got it all! With the expert guidance of Rujuta Diwekar, a renowned nutrition expert, and author of 'Indian Superfoods' here are some excerpts from her audiobook on Audible, that will help you embrace these foods and embark on a journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Ghee: The Fat Burner

Forget the diet fads and embrace the wonders of ghee – the true Indian superfood! First off, ghee reduces the glycemic index of your food, making it a smart choice for those concerned about diabetes and weight management. Sharing some interesting facts in her Audible title, Rujuta mentions, "Do you know that every time you bake or use any other method of robbing your meal of essential fats like ghee, the glycemic index of your meal stays high? That means faster aging and predisposition to metabolic syndrome. So much for the air fryer!" Even for all the expecting moms out there, ghee has your back! Packed with essential fatty acids, it eases pregnancy and promotes a healthy delivery by supporting thyroid function. Plus, it's a fat-soluble vitamin powerhouse, so no more worrying about vitamin D deficiency. Going forward, don’t forget to stick to the goodness of ghee for a younger and healthier you.

Kokum: The Natural Antacid

Gear up for a wild-tasting ride with kokum, a powerhouse of benefits! With kokum, prioritise a harmonious gut, and maintain vitamin B12 and D  levels for heart health and better sleep. With Garcinol, kokum fights bacteria and inflammation, while hydroxyl citric acid helps shed pounds. "Multiple studies have shown that garcinol from kokum suppresses carcinogenesis (cancer growth) by inhibiting the enzymes that cause its growth." You can savor kokum in dal, sabzis, or raw with salt and masala. Kokum sherbet is a refreshing weight-loss drink loved by celebs. "With a fan base that ranges from Alia Bhatt to Anupam Kher, it’s a drink that makes stylishly cool shots, and leaves you feeling truly light." For your skin's delight, try kokum butter in cosmetics and utilise this Indian superfood to brighten your plate and health!

Banana: The Recharger

Fruits are fantastic, but first among all is undoubtedly the banana. “It is the super fruit, super for kids, super for athletes, and if you are a Karisma Kapoor fan or simply a fan of how fit she has looked through the years, her secret is simply the banana.” The magic of this fruit lies in its nutrient-packed goodness, from potassium and vitamin B6 to its low glycemic index. It's the ultimate on-the-go snack, working wonders for your health. Not only that, it soothes your stomach, strengthens bones, and helps lift your spirits with vitamin B6 and magnesium. And let's not forget the versatile ways to enjoy this powerhouse. So, remember, "dar ke aage banana hai, and banana zaroor khana hai".

Ambadi: The Stomach-Soother

Ever heard your grandma warn you about avoiding leafy greens during the monsoon? Bet you thought it was just some old superstition, but Ayurveda knows better. Eating with the seasons is the way to go, and during the monsoon, it's time to give up certain foods. But wait, there's one exception that steals the show, the awesome ambadi. “Ambadi is the tribal woman’s source of folic acid and iron. Easy to digest and cook, it is also without the side effects of constipation that come with an iron pill. Most importantly, it is high in slowly digestible starch, making it an excellent vegetable to sustain and nurture the gut ecosystem.” You can opt for low glycemic index meals with ambadi bhaji and fiber-rich bhakris, it is so cool that even the flowers can be boiled for stomach ailments or enjoyed as detox tea. Here’s to bringing ambadi back into the limelight!

Coconut: The Calmer

In the land of myths and movie magic, the coconut reigns supreme as the ‘kalpavriksha’, which fulfills all wishes. No wonder it's the hero on film sets, removing obstacles. “The reason it is broken open at the beginning of not just a muhurat shot but basically at the start of any big project is that it gives the body endless physical stamina and the mind a sense of calm and reason.” But beware of the health fads that fear coconut's cholesterol content, The truth is, it's packed with magical medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that boost endurance, brain function, and overall well-being. “These MCTs get metabolised very differently in the human body compared to the other fats that we eat. They get preferentially used up for fuel, so you have more stamina or endurance. That’s why MCT is also the preferred ergogenic aid (nutritional supplement) of endurance athletes, runners, and cyclists alike.” So, go coco-nuts and let this divine superfood work wonders for you in every form, tender coconut water for hydration, malai for intestinal health, ripe coconut for heart health, and coconut oil for lustrous hair and heart strength.