KBBB responds to SSA probe report

Minphong Konyak 
Dimapur | September 10 

Expressing shock over the news item in this paper over a reported action taken against the Konyak Baptist Church Council (KBBB) over SSA implementation, the council has issued a response. The council has also noted that “if anyone is concerned about Konyaks” then “he should have contacted the KBBB and tried to rectify its mistake on time with good gesture.” 

“We are a church organization concerned with our own jobs but since the government insisted, we accepted with a feeling that it is for the general interest of the Konyaks” said a senior KBBB official. KBBB stated that they had only accepted the request of the department since they felt that it was for the interest of the Konyaks even though they have so much casual workload to do. 

Admitting the fact that KBBB had not been successful hundred percent like all others, the council said that its failure can be attributed to the fact that though it has tried so much, it could not succeed much because some instructions given for the AIS were not suitable in some remote areas like Mon district. Even though facing all these technical problems, KBBB had tried its level best and going around 96 remote villages had enrolled 9146 “drop-outs and never-enrolled children.” 

Out of that, 2562 were mainstreamed. And as instructed in the MoU, KBBB had accordingly released the funds meant for centers (villages) to implement the works and the account had been verified by the authorized chartered accountant. Justifying these few points out of many, KBBB said that readers should not believe in whatever news that come out in the paper without viewing the ground realities. It also entreated the general public not to lose faith in the church simply by reading some authentic reports.