Khekiho sees fruit of Naga aspiration in regionalism

Dimapur, Jan 11(MExN): Minister for Industries and Commerce, H Khekiho Zhimomi envisages regionalism in the minds of Pughoboto area people and says that Naga people can reach their goals only through regionalism. Addressing a large gathering at Mishilimi village’s cultural day on January 10 as the chief guest, Zhimomi said Naga regionalism belongs to the Naga people and whatever is achieved will belong to them. Relatively, running the state under the direction of a group or a party whose roots lies ‘somewhere else’ will not help the people to prosper, he said.  

Reiterating that regionalism has brought rapid developmental changes in the state of Nagaland after ‘the concept took reins of power’ after the last elections in Nagaland, Zhimomi appealed to the public to prepare a “good Naga family with what belongs to the Naga people”.  On the developmental front, Zhimomi maintained that no matter how much fund is poured in for development, there will be no effective implementation on the works unless leaders and elders of concern areas take initiative. The minister also mentioned education and health as two basic aspects helping in the growth of a society. 

He asked the people to cooperate with the government and leaders to reap the fruits of good governance.  The minister pointed out that one should not seek more than his capacity can give, “as greediness is everybody’s downfall but encourage the people to seek for what belongs to them”. Minister Zhimomi later laid the foundation stone of a water reservoir in the village. The reservoir is being constructed under funds donated by the minister. According a warm welcome and honoring his visit to the village, Khekiho Zhimomi was presented with a Mithun (Asian bison). He also donated Rs. 1 lakh to the cultural day organizing committee and Rs. 5,000 to all the cultural troupes.